Sugar Boys
General Store / Back to Business [CS; Black Cheeks]

One of the best things about Tonstartssbandht is their flexibility, and their longform stoner-rock jams, which mostly take form in a live setting, are explored more fully in this Andy White side project. Sugar Boys treat fidelity like the red-headed stepchild it is, boosting the bass to toy boombox levels and engaging in simplified versions of gnarly tangles you might have found on a Comets On Fire LP or Guardian Alien tape. I’m not sure this drummer even knows how to choke off his high-hat; either way he doesn’t try. That’s “First Taape,” the 17-minutes-short opening track. “Hardline” is a slower grunt truck, but the song remains the same: dirt-cheap, dirty deeds done. “Sweet Daddy,” another upwards-of-15-minutes slice of epic curiosity, tries on a different rhythmic slant, and it works. It all depends, however, on your ability to endure audio that almost rocks too hard.

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