Suspirians [LP; Super Secret]

Suspirians start with a lot of the vibes found on a recent reissue of a Blood Robots record I grew fond of last year (on Water Wing Recs), what with the small snippets of synth, all-girl lineup, and intense nature of many of the riffs. But this Austin quartet bring that sound to a new generation and brush on a less antagonistic, over-the-top mindset. There are passages wherein (“Whatcha Do,” for example) it seems they’ve departed from this motif, fuzz ablaze and guitars/synths feeling out their boundaries, but it’s all contained within a modicum of relative post-punk cool. At their core Suspirians are in line with old-school punk, a bit of older rock (“Buddy Holly” ain’t a song title for nothin’), and modern-day gloom merchants like Lorelle Meets The Obsolete and A Place To Bury Strangers. Such blends might have been sacrilegious years ago, but now the kids are all agog for it and these cats have no problem givin’ it to ‘em (nor do Super Secret, a label seemingly awash in quality post-pizz). Carry on, sweet Suspirians.

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