AMOVREVX [LP; Translinguistic Other ]

The subtle shift Translinguistic Other has made as a label can be felt in its last two big releases: Midday Veil’s The Current and now Swahili’s AMOVREVX. The spirituality and confusion of post-disco hypnosis combining with modern synth psych-dance. The bubbling brew seems like a toxic mixture when described, yet the prophecy foretold this alchemy to bring forth a revolution of hope. AMOVREVX almost feels like an electronic album missing from the catalog of Holodeck, with heavy synth noir and big beats charging through the mystical fog. This is sensual, exotic. When the tarot inserts come tumbling out every time, I swear the fortune changes based on mood and time — always The Lover, but in a different pose and a headier question. A cosmic shift at TLO is leading to a similar shift throughout the synth(etic) universe where wallflowers are forbidden and giving in to a healthy libido (so long as it embraces peace, love and happiness) is welcome. I dare not usher in a new Summer of Love because there are far too many downers in drug and human form being enjoyed to have that sort of breakthrough, but Swahili are laying the foundation for the Winter of Romance. A warm entanglement during the cold season. Maybe when we wake up in a few months from this campaign-induced hibernation, we’ll find a better climate and a party hall to begin the revolution.


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