Online Architecture [CS/LP; Holodeck]

In a classic episode of Seinfeld, Elaine is troubled by a sidler. The cankerous man is able to subtly sneak in and out of situations, only to be noticed at the best of times. Enter Online Architecture, an equally daring feat of music that finds its way into the most prosperous situations at the most ideal of circumstances. Yet unlike the problem that plagued Elaine, Symbol is the beauteous weekly gal pal for the titular character. She, an heiress to a collection of valuable toys, will not let Jerry touch or play with them. So he covets and paws at them lost in a loop of adolescent weirdness. It’s an ugly side of beauty — trying to attain the unattainable. Ironic considering Symbol is the moniker of This Will Destroy You’s Chris Royal King. Online Architecture is a destroyer. It plays with your emotions, inserting itself into situations when you are least prepared; placing itself as protector to a wealthy prize you are unfit to hold. So you plot and scheme, further degrading yourself and others all in pursuit of something you should never have. Best get your tape or LP now because soon you may find yourself in a situation comedy premise where your new girlfriend has the wickedest record collection, complete with Online Architecture, and you’ll have to distract her with copious amounts of turkey and wine to possess it in your wretched little hands.

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