Tashi Dorji / Marisa Anderson
split [LP; Footfalls]

The first Footfalls LP pairs an odd couple of guitar virtuosity under one roof, and the results aren’t Felix and Oscar hi-jinx, but beautifully juxtaposed symmetry. The messy Dorji, dropping items as he raps via his whimsical guitar strains; the straight-laced Anderson tidying every last corner of the domicile. Each side does not stray far from more traditional fair, much like a Neil Simon escapade, but much like the masterful playwrite Dorji and Anderson’s double take on the traditional is anything but predictable or suited for the good ol’ days. Anderson does spruce up a traditional, and often bares comparison to guitar craftsmen that came before her: Basho, Kottke, Fahey. It’s Dorji who has often been accused as the homewrecker; someone who wishes to destroy tradition and unbalance the instrument. Yet Anderson does her own bending and stretching as well, as grounded as her playing style continues to be. Neither are worlds apart, however, as Dorji’s playing has begun to become less raw but still spontaneous and energetic. Anderson’s rigid playing has begun to let a stray note crawl out from the manicured lawn. So where this pairing seems like two opposite ends of the spectrum proves that in reality, they are two peas in the same pod, hearing the echoes of the past, present and future from different angles. A truly spectacular first foot forward by the Toths’ new label. Very VDSQ-esque, and we are in favor of fine labels deconstructing the standard guitar myth.

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