Terry Malts / Dead Angle
Shit Split [7-inch; Loglady]

Weird. While Terry Malts’ arrangements are fuzzy and heavy, the vocals on “Disconnect,” cadence-wise, remind me more of lighter fare such as Jens Lekman and Craft Spells. Then on “Don’t Think You’re Funny,” the second offering on this Shit Split with Dead Angle, they go all Jesus & Mary Chain on us, retaining the aforementioned heaviness and also more of a pop sheen. Solid, albeit not as impressive as Dead Angle, who blow the lid off the goddamn scene with “Why Don’t You.” Powerful, propulsive, proper-fucked; I remember seeing Foals years ago and, despite their problems, they were catchy and tight like this. Almost unstoppable. I mention them because Dead Angle have them beat. They even land a few roundhouses on old fave Joggers while delivering even better in the vocals category. “Malice in Your Words” follows, and it’s a much different exercise, more Delgados than anything, also batting around The Aisler’s Set like a cat with a yarn ball. Let them scratch you.

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