The Band In Heaven
The Band In Heaven [7-inch; HoZac]

Yet another unexpected release from HoZizzle following that spicy-ass E.T. Habit 7-inch (if you haven’t heard that one, do so): when the music is this weird and, at times, wonderful, I tend to drop the genre game and simply sketch out what I’m hearing. Thing is… just what, the fuck, am I hearing exactly? “If You Only Knew” is a slow post-Beta Band shuffle that’s crammed to the hilt with mystical lo-fi fuzz-buzz and BJM hip. “Summer Bummer,” manning the flip, couldn’t be more different, an uptempo rocker as disaffected as Lou and as propulsive as No Means No in their prime. It almost sounds like Crystal Stilts getting punk’d. “Sludgy Dreams” is an appropriate name for this Black Angels-esque, hollowed-out vampire skull of a song. Strangely, the only cut that slips by without notice is the faceless “Sleazy Dreams,” a tune that, I’ll admit, will probably be most people’s favorite song on this four-cut frenzy. But most people are wrong — don’t forget that.


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