The Bloody Mess
Early Period [CS; Self-Released]

The cross-contamination of Apache Dropout, Thee Open Sex and now the duo known as The Bloody Mess (appropriately named for members Sonny Bloody and Rachel Weidner aka Miss Mess) does little to quell antiquated coastal beliefs that the Midwest is the breeding ground of incest. In this case we’ll look the other way, not because the bands in question are family by blood—though they may argue otherwise—but because Sonny and the Miss don’t fall on typical duo tropes. Flashes of [REMOVED BECAUSE DON’T EVEN THINK OF THEM] will destroy your interpretation of Early Period. This is raucous, unclean and without gimmick. Miss Mess can actually play AND sing and Sonny’s penchant for hot rod rhythms and cutting to the chase is charming on its own merit. Early Period saves its best moments for the unexpected: the cute howls of “Two Ghosts,” the psychedelic take down of “Bloody Fingers,” the explicit impudence of “Squirt Gun.” The twosome save the best for last, “Balloon Song” the past tense of pop once reserved for Richard Swift (and still under-represented) now the plaything of Indiana’s up and comers—a subset these two are well anchored in. As the tape fades with Miss Mess’ authentic giggles, it’s only then you realize the good times are just starting. Follow the subliminal packaging’s message, open a can, and do it again!


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