The Frightening Lights
The Frightening Lights [LP; Bruit Direct]

It’s of little coincidence that French label Bruit Direct would end up releasing a Melbourne-based chanteuse’s brilliant interpretation of chanson. Though I doubt it was Elizabeth Downey’s intent or even the direction of partner Dan Hawkins’ noir-ish accompaniment, the winsome darkness can’t be ignored. The band’s self-titled is richly textured with Downey’s milky croon bolstered by Hawkins’ powerful restraint. This is likely to be compared favorably to any Russian Roulette pairing you would like but there’s a particular namedrop that comes to mind: Sandoval and Roback. Not far removed from Wilhelm and McGee. Both twosomes quite familiar with lyrically driven Still Lifes. At this point, it’s unfair to continue pouring words onto a perfect canvas. I fear of scaring away too many suitors. I worry that covering this with fervid rapture will spoil some of the humor and sweetness. Let’s all practice the restraint of Frightening Lights because it will serve us all well. Needless to say, highly recommended and well worth the tariffs and taxes.

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