The Inverted Orange
The Inverted Orange [CS; Prison Art]

Overall a far cry from Andrew Nerviano’s previous work with the bruised-to-black’n’blue Sarongs, which was much more about feel than it was flavor: brittle and blunted punk power that was. Here we have a different beast altogether, one that appeals to a certain tang — if not of oranges as the title might have us imagine, then the puckering power of grapefruits or juices or anything of the citrus variety will work just fine. Yes, Prison Art’s new one is sour; tart. Its sweat tastes like lemonade, but it’s got a sweet center too. Melodies loop and revolve around high pitches and tinny guitar tones as linear beats lead the way down a winding, highly scenic road of minimalism and sonic phasing. Beauty makes an appearance often as a sleepy vocal drifts its way into the dream, briefly tempting the listener to decipher its misty missives before whisking away from whence it came, swallowed back up into the shape-shifting ambiance of the guitar’s immediate surroundings. Fans of Dustin Wong’s recent work will find lots to love here and maybe more, what with the added sense of rhythmic diversity, The Inverted Orange’s propensity to wind compositions into slightly tighter narratives and mutant take on notions of pop or electronic styles. Intriguing work that nonetheless leaves a lot to be desired in the way of length… one has only the power to flip and dream of what wonders might lie in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

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