The Unwed Teenage Mothers
The Unwed Teenage Mothers EP [7-inch; Speakertree]

Speakertree is one of the rare labels bringing a variety of melody to the table — sung, not played on a synth, by bands like Cloud Nothings and Borrowed Beams Of Light — in the here and now, and this Unwed Teenage Mothers 7-inch EP is the latest step. Side A is full of super-potent potential and sequences that overreach in a good way. Rock with a twinkle in its eye that you can relate to, for once. “Why Does It Have to Be Tonight,” on the flip, is strict in its catchiness, and “Rain,” while not my kind of cut, might be the number more of you will relate to, containing the kind of riffs it’s a pleasure to grow old to. Now that I’ve surveyed the landscape more thoroughly, I’m ready to wholeheartedly endorse “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” (sorry Mitt). It’s such an unassuming tune that it slides right by, and that’s the sign of a really of-note tune, earnest enough to Save Christmas and as hearty as a good soup. Winter’s coming, people. 300 sloppies.

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