Thee Tsunamis
Delirium & Dark Waters [7-inch; Magnetic South]

As most like-minded bands chase the future, Thee Tsunamis retreat deeper into a kitschy past. And in that womb of horror b-roll and microfiche news print, Delirium & Dark Waters exists as the testament to rock and roll as an ancient storytelling device; the evils and ills that society still has not exorcised. Thee Tsunamis are always in the midst of a horrible night (for a curse), running around in the Mystery Machine to unmask misbehaving men, feral sexuality, and forgotten anti-heroes of swamp blues and psychedelic panhandlers. One giant ghost hunt that uncovers so much to drive us toward our eventual evolution. Until such a time when we advance toward whatever bright future we’ve promised ourselves in the annuls of science fiction for 100 years, we’ll keep our noses in the pulp of Delirium & Dark Waters. At least in these depths, we’ve found kindred spirits that see that there’s much to still understand about the past before we can move on. All that garage and surf to rejuvenate our poorly souls. May Thee Tsunamis have mercy on us until, letting us rejoice in their splendor before the Rapture.


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