These Feathers Have Plumes
All Cats are Grey by Night [CS; cae-sur-a]

Subtlety is a lost art. So is patience. Andie Brown displays both within All Cats are Grey by Night. Much like the stealthy street cat, Brown creeps up slowly on melody, leaving the carcass untouched by the time his mighty incisors have sunken deep into the avian victim. This is drone from another era, so gentle and disarming yet so vicious and efficient. There is no need for flash; Brown is confident that the work shall speak for itself, that silence is just as effective an instrument as any man-made device. Ideas are allowed to float, the silence not uncomfortable at all. A combination of double bass, field recordings, and the air in the room is all that is needed for communication. We’ve allowed ourselves to be tied to the matrix. Buzzing, bright gadgets with mumbled names compete for our attention, distracting us from the natural world and its gifts. Brown harnesses it with simplicity and grace, even if just for a few fleeting moments.

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