Trophy Wife
Stella, My Star [7-inch; Private Leisure Industries]

Trophy Wife hit with a tight-as-fuk debut 7-inch, with Stella, My Star being their attempt to retain that momentum. It’s a bit clumsy, each side reaching for a totally different gravity, but think it works on the whole. Title track “Stella” is where I’d put all my money — it’s got sort of an Erase Errata/Jenny Hoystrom thing going, ominous in all the right places and bolstered by a throbbing bass line. Nice, volcanic guitar work, too. Then “Frankie’s Song” hits and we’re back honking noses in Karate Kid II, confused, disoriented, and likely to lose its footing like, as Odd Future would say, a glutton with diabetes. Love the synths, intrigued by the flow, warmed by the bass breakdown that puts a Sonic Youth tramp-stamp on the whole thing. Folks at Private Leisure Industries said they can’t get anyone to lend their ink to this one, and I just don’t know why that would be. Agree to disagree, general record-buying public?


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