U.S. Girls
The Island Song [7-inch; Calico]

As a red-blooded American male, the female form has often been a subject of intense scrutiny for me. When it finds its way into music, either as lyrical inspiration or album art (as is the case with the flexible figure gracing the cover of The Island Song), it flicks on switches in my male brain (and yes, penis). Megan Remy’s ability to tap into the primal of the male mind while maintaining female individuality is on display throughout The Island Song. The two-song 7-inch blends danceable rhythm with sharp melody, creating a hot mess of modern pop without any genre touchstone to hold it back. The title track and B-side, “High School Poetry,” are infectious. Remy’s schoolgirl vocals add a charm that is sure to attract the male id without fracturing the ego. There’s an understated sexiness, but the deeper one connects to Remy’s music, the less sexualized it becomes. Blood boils, not as a product of testosterone, but as a result of high-end music created by high-end talent, no matter the connotations. All that’s left to remind me of a need to spread seed is the cover art, which is rendered asexual by the time “High School Poetry” has its final rotation on the turntable.


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