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Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects [CS; Watery Starve]

Compilations full up on many artists is a hard sell. We all enjoy variety, which is why streaming services have prevailed in recent times. But Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects isn’t going to fall into those traps. This is one speed, one vibe, and one endless summer. Despite 13 different artists (among them Quiet Evenings, Inez Lightfoot, and Former Selves….drool…), their shared thread of appreciative drones and mid-tempo contemplation produces a sedative to our need for shifting prerogatives. It soothes the soul like chicken soup without distracting slurps or martyrdom. Each song is a spoonful of warmth despite the glacial melodies and distant production. First your throat feels the heat as you take calculated swallows. It races down your esophagus to the intestines and stomach. Your core is beginning to feel rejuvenated. Your body begins to emit the heat to the extremities, right down to your cold fingertips. The icy breath is gone, replaced by a fire in the belly. You have found the shrine. No more needlessly collecting songs for an 8-track mix or a Spotify playlist. Watery Starve has done it for you, and it’s on cassette, just like olden times.

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