Various Artists
Whatever It Is You’re Doing Now [2xCS; Mirror Universe]

Once told that to understand music, one must define it, labels began to segregate sounds. They fell into traps of genre, eliminating the science behind listening habits for specialized fulfillment. Mirror Universe will have none of it, and over the course of four sides of pop, noise, drone, synth and kitchen sinks, Whatever It Is You’re Doing Now promises the old lay of the land—something for everybody. Though the tapes do delineate along some familiar parameters (pop dominated Side A, throwback synth eats alive Side C), it all represents the eclectic palette and devil-may-curation of Mirror Universe. Familiar favorites (Noveller, Xander Harris, Foot Village) share space with spunky up and comers. I can’t get enough of Southern Femisphere, their classic pop rock infectious. Seriously, I have a delightful fever that grows when I play “Transgander.” M. Sage traps me in the Tim Hecker/Fennesz bubble, combining elegant waves of static drone with heavy rain and distant voices. Pariah Carey deliver complete 16-bit soundtrack—speed runs, boss battles and all—within 4 minutes of the kawaii cute known as “Smile From The Grave 4U.” SuR are down and dirty, a sludge of old garage and grunge, and unapologetic about your harsh criticisms. The fear of being burnt is heavy but don’t be daunted. The tempo changes, the mood waxes and wanes, and the smorgasbord of music will keep this stuck in your tape player. Though it’s almost certain that once you’ve stripped the tape bare, you’ll be forced to destroy and disavow its existence to maintain face when you introduce your friends to all these new bands.


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