Iridescent Intent [CS; MJ MJ]

VATS’ new tape may or may not be called Iridescent Intent, based on how good I am at reading 60s psychedelic font. The orange/green color scheme and the cat on the cover combined with the typeface give a pretty good sonic mental-description of the trip you’re getting into by clicking your play button on this one. Jangly guitar rattling off modal chord progressions that build and swirl around wah pedals, chunky gobs of bass fuzz, plodding drums and a vocalist’s low hanging jaw. Those are the basic elements, but the context is what really gives you the feeling of what VATS is all about — that the band might as well have recorded this whole thing from inside a damned aluminum can with all that reverb. Yes, it’s rock and roll with a reflective surface, light bouncing off its streaky sheen with blinding abandon and breakneck bounce (yeah, the rhythm could very well break your neck, so be careful). Great energy from a great band, and yet another slam dunk from the two Michael Jordans who make up this label’s acronymous name.

Links: VATS - MJ MJ


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