No Honour [7-inch; King of the Monsters]

Venowl’s No Honour 7-inch is just the sort of mangled, self-defacing black-metal maelstrom many of us want at the moment; no shame in delivering the experimentalism commonly promised but rarely brought to fruition. I could rip through 100 7-inches like this and never get bored. Lo-fi twice over, too, probably recorded by a boombox. Much of Side B (a re-imagining of the A-side that’s much heavier, provided by Iron Forest) consists of random drum-flailing and flagrant scene-setting, with a payoff breaking the tension every so often. True dedication to rank, slumlord-level metal serves Venowl well, as does the gray vinyl. From the label that brought you that glow-in-the-dark Servile Sect LP.


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