Vermillion Father
Go-Kart Kamp [CS; Space Slave Editions]

There’s a deviant comfort in pissing in the pool. That bit of untraceable underwater warmth — who wants to leave the pool just to dry off, find a bathroom, piss, come back out, and re-acclimate to the water? It’s just unruly and better to be uncouth. Vermillion Father’s Go-Kart Kamp pisses all over our aqua jets with a jubilant smirk. Can’t be mad, so just enjoy the warmth. This cassette is two long-burners, the self-titled and chill A-side shimmering like water on a blindingly sunny day, the B-side, “DJ Squalls,” heavy with industrial vacuums cleaning the besmirched vessel and making it inhabitable once again (and nothing about this deep drone resembles the lanky, lightweight actor). It’s a warm cassette full of sun, urine, and booze for a lazy afternoon spent by the local watering hole. Just don’t mix up your Bud Light for a bottle of piss.


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