Volition / Juhyo
split [CS; Small Doses]

Volition represent a strange breed, their plodding style more doom than anything else and the vocals, depending on which singer is braying of course, is reminiscent of power violence/Justin Pearson, hardcore, and the groan of Kirk Windstein. Then the double-bassery and flailing high-hats hit and we’re left to assess what’s happening yet again. I say, as with the Mississippi leghounds of the metal world, it’s best to let ‘em finish and sort it out later. I’m happy to report, as well, that the cassette format doesn’t impede Volition’s sound in any major way. Juhyo, on the other hand, possess a sound traditionally well-suited to the Test of the Tape, rife with gurgling effects, churning machines, and other elements I ain’t i-dent-ified yet. The witch’s brew turns pretty pungent ‘n’ evil pretty fast though, the ripe ingredients browning, then decaying as a sickening stew of kettle-blood boils on a stove in hell. Then we drift/drone up to heaven as ashes once our corpses have burned. Edish of 100, be sure to tip your gate-tender.


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