Warmer Milks
“Margaret is Blind” b/w “Filthy Actor” [7-inch; Animal Disguise]

With once prolific experimental imprint Animal Disguise Records on the slow burn for the past few years, your remission regarding its recent reemergence might be excused. But with label head Gary Beauvais (a.k.a. throb-core master Mammal) relocating to Seattle, the ADR presses have been kicked back into action and first through the ringer is this new Warmer Milks 7-inch. The two songs here have been in deep incubation since 2009, recorded shortly after the group’s syrupy 2008 triumph Soft Walks. While undoubtedly sharing a kindred spirit with its preceding song-cycle, this collection also showcase a clear step sideways from the cleanly produced Grateful Dead and Neil Young inspired singer/songwriter style of Soft Walks towards a more lo-fi, free wheelin’ power-pop that invokes contemporary groups à la Eat Skull and ADR alum Sic Alps. From the art-rock destruction of 2006’s Radish on Light to the sunny shoe-gazing folk-punk of Margaret is Blind, the Milks have been an ever-evolving group, a band who in the true American spirit were constantly forging its own new frontiers, a trait no doubt attributable to mercurial band leader Michael Turner. The record (limited to 200 copies) comes with an eye-popping line drawing by Beauvais, a guest appearance from Hair Police’s Trevor Tremaine, and might possibly be the final recordings ever released from Turner and company under the Warmer Milks moniker.


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