The Washboard Abs
Recurring Chasms [CS; Antiquated Future]

Hailing from Olympia and being released via a Portland label, the pop sounds of The Washboard Abs are going to be in the wheelhouse of anyone who has spent time in the K and Marriage catalogs for any amount of warm, fuzzy time. A gentle and sweet cassette of loving and loathing, The Washboard Abs have created an album on the twee spectrum near snug like a bug in a rug. An album full of beautifully plucked strings, uplifting percussion, and sailing vocals. Each track runs into the other effortlessly; it truly is a vapor trail of thoughts forming a lovely pattern in the sky for all to see from our cozy beds made of carpet after a long day of buzzing around. And rarely does an album finish on its highest note, but lo and behold Recurring Chasms does just that with “Veil.” If you’re on the lookout for the feel-good album that satisfies that Pacific Northwest pop itch, here you go.


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