Wckr Spgt
Top Down [CS; Unread]

A treat to have longtime forgotten above ground independent non-punk anti-college rock band Wckr Spgt hit the funny pages. A band with a history as long as Milton Berle’s film reel, Wckr Spgt unveil a quick five song EP to sedate the masses revved up on Robin Thicke and Daft Punk singles (it’s still the Summer of 2013 for me!). It’s the sort of Sentridoh, Ass Ponys, and any relative slow-motion pre-alternatively named movement of slacker rock that isn’t oh-so-lazy as it seems. Highlight is “Damn it, You’re Holding Me Back” which is a half-assed assault thrust upon an unnamed subject with which we’re all too familiar. “Clones” is an Alice Cooper cover that certainly seems more at home in a time capsule now than it did in 1980. Funny how that works….

…anyway, yeah. I forgot where all this was going. I feel like Wckr Spgt’s eh attitude has translated to my own lack of motivation or is that the Generation X DNA bubbling up in me. Apathy fits us all so well, but don’t allow it to make you miss Top Down.

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