Will Simmons & the Upholsters
Innuendo: The Italian Way [LP; Unread]

Remember when The Spin Doctors and their brand of funk-pop was popular? How about the roaring jazz influence of Squirrel Nut Zippers? The ska-drenched punk of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Have you erased all evidence from your music collection of such transgressions on retro-fitted sentiments? Thankfully Will Simmons and the fellas of the Upholsters don’t care for convention or trend. Though Innuendo shares little influence with any of the above, they do share a moxie for playing their own brand of Italian-inflected pop without a care to the world of drones, beats, and confessional ballads happening around them. Though the Spaghetti Western sincerity may fall between the cracks, the bravery to perform it in defiance of an indeterminable audience makes Innuendo all the more catchy and brazen. It adds to its depth and a further appreciation for the musicianship involved. The backing horns, the classic rock guitar stylings, and breezy drum fills — it’s refreshing. So make sure you poor yourself a tall glass of Innuendo and dust off those hidden relics of music past. You may have sold those neglected CDs long ago but the memories contained therein are still fresh in your memory. One dalliance with Will Simmons will guarantee it.

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