Wind in Willows
Deepness in the Sky [CS; Ginjoha]

There has always been a magic shrouding Japan. But there has never been magic shrouding anything in Russia, just a darkness perpetuated by the unknown. Anton Filatov marries both on Deepness in the Sky, pairing the hopefulness of Japanese culture with the black recesses of Russia. From the swamps of the former Soviet Empire to the neon perma-glow of Tokyo, Deepness in the Sky has its own spotlight to show the path to enlightenment: the subtle drone illuminating Filatov’s steps as he marches toward a better tomorrow; layer upon layer of sound scaring away the tyrannical and attracting the innocent. It’s a triumph in feel-good music, a gaping hole ready to be filled now that years 1958-2009 have called it a day. There is magic again, and Filatov has used it to make a shaded earth glow.


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