Wolf Fluorescence
We’re So Glad You’re Home [CS; Fabrica]

At one time, a generation frowned upon the nonsense of Enya. New Age was too plain, too boring to be considered artistic or entertaining when crunch, power, and distortion ruled the airwaves. We were naïve, burying our heads in the sand to a world that was beyond midnight MTV infomercials in between Alternative Nation and late night replays of Loveline. But here we stand, nearly 20 years later ensconced in the Buddhist trappings of drone and ambient, captured in our own nostalgia for Enya, Zamfir, or any two-bit existentialist that we happened upon in the radiant TV glow of nighttime. Ross Devlin has fallen for the trap and dressed it up as Wolf Fluorescence. The child in me couldn’t be happier, dreaming of summers spent in front of a fan and a television, watching B-grade videos in the still of a trailer that was an oven. As I dreamed of the idyllic life embraced by We’re So Glad You’re Home in a second-rate sweat lodge — a warm midsummer day lessened by a cooling breeze and a piece of cake and perhaps a tall glass of lemonade — I was also living my own idyllic life, too jaded by grunge and Clear Channel to truly understand it. Devlin allows me a chance, not at reliving the past, but at redeeming it. I don’t like to go back and visit those moments, but in the still of the night when the air is thick and the fan is running, I can’t help but reflect proudly on those days. Now I can do it any hour of the day with the sentimental (and perhaps slightly sappy, but who gives a damn?) warmth of Wolf Fluorescence.

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