Only Shadows Now [LP; Bruit Direct]

A Liverpoolian brood and a laissez male croon. Wonderfuls latest is a stark and cold set with the voice of Mark Knopfler colliding with the emoting of Nico. A moody affair plucked out on guitar and synth, these are the simple word poems of Bobby Bot matching the unknown north beyond the band’s Brisbane and Gold Coast home. What lies in the outback is but a longing mystery that has driven many men to seek what they’ll never fine. Clearly Bot has taken this sojourn, its effects hanging like the album’s shadowy namesake across the void that is now his sung life. Yet in its bleak appearances, Wonderfuls has with it a ray of hope. These are but emotions put to lyrics and music; the worst of man splayed out in art. Bot is playing the patron at the pub and we the bartenders. We can relate to his tales of woe and misfortune, for we too have heard the call and answered it. It may not be a physical journey, but we’ve cuddled up to sad bastard records and lengthy prose to tease out our misery. Which is why Only Shadows Now will continue to find a home on our turntables even when the civility of wives, children and jobs chase those calls of the wild away for new fears.

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