Medicinal Circuits [CS; Digitalis]

At one time I would be what you would have called an enhancement smoker. Those days are long gone and I didn’t become Jon Stewart. I had experiences that were far more memorable than they ever intended to be. I’m certain it’s where I learned to be an attentive listener. I’m also certain that it made me buy Norah Jones’ first LP. And a host of forgettable CDs from mid-90s bands I wish I could forget. And I think a random DJ mix in South Carolina at a college bar. Anyway, as a rather sober individual with a family and responsibilities, wzrdryAV is my latest enhancement endeavor. I don’t come to this conclusion just based on the title of Medicinal Circuits and frankly, I tried my damnedest not to mention drugs of any kind. But kind is what this cassette is, so ripe with complex flavors and contemplative washes that Tommy Chong would be too baked before the first side was through. In fact, listening to it again while hiding in my bathroom and aiming the speakers out of the window with dryer sheets stuffed in the door jambs, I think it’s a safe bet that maybe I need to put Medicinal Circuits down and hope wzrdryAV opens a methadone clinic soon.

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