Xander Harris / Dylan Ettinger
The Driver / Tipoff [7-inch; Moon Glyph]

Anyone who’s ever driven a 1983 Toyota Tercel hatchback and, for some reason, bumped the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop will know the feeling of take-off that accompanies “The Driver,” a smooth electronic-dance composition that explores the limits of this whole post-0PN thing with reckless abandon. I like the way Xander Harris programs his synths, and his side of this 7-inch flies by so quickly you’ll reload thrice before you even consider venturing over to the other side. Checkmate? Not quite. Dylan Ettinger, who is everywhere, bequeaths a ridiculous, special-edition synthster in line with Bruce Hart and the other boyz stuck in the keybo muck. Not a drum beat here as much as an ongoing throb, and the vocals are hunted to extinction, but “Tipoff” is a busy-ass piece of work whose overall effect somehow calms the nerves (maybe I’ve been listening to too much Matta Gawa?). Why can’t I go to a kids movie with my daughter and hear music like this soundtracking it?

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