Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010/Happy, Wellington, 2009 [CS; Dungeon Taxis]

Matt and Nick are pissed you didn’t give xNoBBQx the time of day. They had an album on Siltbreeze, for fuck’s sake! And you didn’t buy it; you didn’t even illegally download it from a “third-world,” half-English/half-non-English blog. So they went and destroyed themselves. They took their music too. All that’s left is this testament to destruction. It’s noise. There’s nothing left of the old xNoBBQx. I’m surprised the x’s are still attached. It’s a beaten and broken band. So rather than have you reject them again, they are doing the rejecting. That grating you hear? It’s the sound of their hearts being ground by your deceit. That bitter hammering? It’s the sound of the boys beating themselves senseless until brain matter or Athena emerge from their skulls. You did this to them, so you better sit down and listen to this to make amends. Next time, they might stop whipping themselves long enough to give you back your dirty garage rock. Until then, enjoy some righteous noise and be a better pal.

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