Asleep in the Shattered Mirror [CS; Skrot Up]

You’ve heard a lot of the tools Xunholm use to furnish Asleep in the Shattered Mirror, but odds are you haven’t heard them delivered in quite as thoughtful a manner. Skrot Up’s latest find emerge from the Not Not Fun/NNA/Spectrum Spools hemisphere of the underground sound globe and outdo a lot of their peers by hewing to a very cold, clinical, dare I say German, path. It’s wondrous to behold the first couple of cuts on Side A; it almost seems as if they’re incapable of making a mistake. Synths swirl, lasers blaze, comets glide across the blackness of eternity and… I think there’s a drum beat in there somewhere, tangled up in digital bile. These mystical beginnings I speak of serve as a mere introduction to a future-world wherein the only constant is change. There’s a soundtrack-y quality to it all that transcends the cheaper Goblin-style hallmarks of the art form and zoom right in on the good stuff. “Wind in Her Hair” has an Interstellar feel to its all-out gallop, while “Betrayer” lulls you to euphoria even as it portends future-dread. I don’t want to give away any more; cough up the price of a ticket (come to think of it at $5 or so these tapes are a much better value than a $13 movie-theater stub) and take the ride yourself.

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