Yousei Suzuki
The Scene From A Frame [CS; Scissor Tail]

I’m packing and unpacking boxes. My move postponed by new complications but enriched by renewed hope. Though the stress remains palpable, I am relived to dig through some boxes in a fit of relief. We need extra dishware and a few lost trinkets to reclaim our sanity. So as I dig through packed cassettes awaiting review, I stumble upon this glossed over beauty from Yousei Suzuki. Beautiful and stark, the hiss of production plays like the summer thunderstorms of Midwestern summer, breaking only for the solitary rhythms of Suzuki’s guitar and piano. Works of happy plucking (“Full Moon Strings”) backed against unwavering lucidity (“Piano Pieces”), all the warm cup of calm needed in a mess of banking institutions, messy apartments, and of decisions up in the air. My experience is not isolated, which is why Suzuki proves so welcome in the midst of the deluge. No matter what gray cloud hovers over your current situation, take solace under the umbrella of The Scene from a Frame. And then enjoy the life lesson as it unfolds in front of you.

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