Karaoke [CS; Lillerne ]

Each piece released by YYU creates within it its own definitive atmosphere; a micro-universe crafted out of sounds and melodies, and yet at the same time they manage to weave compositions that are entirely unique to YYU. Like their previous releases, Karaoke is composed of beats, sounds, samples, and manipulations. Departing from the more dreamy, melodic and human feel of their earlier releases, however, this tape is as if clips of sound were drawn together magnetically by some unseen force of artistic artificial intelligence.

The fine balance of discord and harmony that is achieved in Karaoke reaches stellar proportions. Like a satellite that has drifted light-years from Earth, lost deep in a sea of cosmic dust, transmitting back its jumbled final message amidst the chaos of a solar storm. Listening to this most recent YYU composition is much like this experience of the lost satellite; an immersion into an elegantly forged tumult, punctuated by moments of uncertainty, of longing, of abandon, of wonder, and above all else, of staggering beauty that manages to make itself somehow felt in each note.

Complexity of composition permeates each track, and yet it is that very complexity which creates a refined sense of continuity from the opening notes of the “teu” to the final ethereal hums of “dream.” This tension of continuity and complexity is the very universe that YYU creates for their listeners to briefly exist within.

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