Zeek Sheck
Joinus [2XLP; Resipiscent]

So many labels claim their latest record emanates from the mind of a misunderstood prodigy I’ve began to tune those voices (repeating “genius!” over and over) out. Then again, when you’re right, you’re right: Zeek Sheck, former Skin Graft artist and current carrier of the Resipiscent torch, is a misunderstood genius. But what renders her so great and of-the-moment? Didn’t her last record drop like a mini-bomb in 2003? Wasn’t she on a split with fuckin’ KILLdozer at some point? Yep, all great questions, and I will answer them in one form or another by the time this Cerberus shithouse goes up in flames. For now, I want to focus my gaze upon Joinus, a sprawling double LP (of course, is a double LP ever not just a tad sprawling? discuss) that allots ZS room to rev up her wrecked madness without worrying about time constraints. Here’s where the 10-plus-years break comes in, too; she’s spent her time wisely and has a lot of creative coin in the bank. Sheck gives a lot and demands a lot; either you’re in or you’re out. Wisps of this and that (True Primes, of Locust Music fame; Liars, in general; The Residents, of COURse; Bene Gesserit just a tad) flit by like the dead dreams of our fathers, and if you don’t like what you hear one minute, rest assured Sheck’ll stack the deck differently soon enough. She’s keen on repetitive chanting, so if that’s a pet peeve look elsewhere for your underground thrills. She also claims she’s not violent or crazy, so if that’s you’re kick… But this isn’t an inchoate artist we’re talking about. Major chops flaunted all over Joinus, from clamoring, practically neoclassical clarinet to wandering guitars to Mincemeat Or Tenspeed effects pedals to FUCK look people I could literally name about 34 more instruments/styles here so allow me a spot of mercy and grab this one for yourself. Highly recommended from folks who know better.

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