After Image [LP; Pleasence]

I vividly recall the first time I popped II from Ducktails into my South Korean Walkmen knock-off on a flight in 2008. Its magnetic warmth and slightly warped warble were a neo-tropical wonder; the perfect music for haphazardly sailing through the air in a machine that even the brightest engineers can’t explain. The same excitement rides high with After Image, a missing piece in our post-cassette Mondanile world eight years later. The woozy feeling of a mid-afternoon buzz full on small bottles of booze propels ZONES into a stratosphere that only my feeble attempt at a memory accommodates. The fuck it-Buffett attitude of this vacation from the senses LP is well deserved. ZONES have mastered the rich textures of melting melodies and afternoon horseshoes after summer class with your stoned friends. Y’know, the feeling of college without actually sinking (further) into crippling debt while settling on a shitty desk job that will most definitely gnaw at your carefree soul. After Image will stave off the full devour for a little while longer.

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