Chocolate Grinder Mix 04
“The Space Bud Fuzz Lounge Revolt”

When I sit down to make a mix, I do my best to include a little something for everybody, but also united by some intangible common thread. Despite working within a limited range of only new songs, I believe I achieved this here. Running the gamut from circuit-bent indie to instrumental hip-hop and breaks, the tone lends itself to a post-coital chill, getting a bit restless and ready for pancakes by the end. Hints toward my leftist politics and my use of humor as a coping mechanism arise throughout, especially the whistling in the Odd Nosdam track, the ranting and duck calls in the Filastine, and whatever Fol Chen is. It's a trip you can return to often, one that may reveal more about me than you ever cared to know.

"The Space Bud Fuzz Lounge Revolt" tracklist:

01. The Long Lost - "Amiss" (The Long Lost)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Ninja Tune - The Long Lost
02. Skyrider - "Everyday Of Their Lives" (Skyrider)
- Start time: 2:56; Links: Sticks & Stones - Skyrider
03. Baja - "Kitten (Chaos & Numerology)" (Aether Obelisk)
- Start time: 6:50; Links: Other Electricities - Baja
04. Broadway Project - "Keats" (One Divided Soul)
- Start time: 10:40; Links: ODS - Broadway Project
05. Fol Chen - "You And Your Sister In Jericho" (Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made)
- Start time: 14:55; Links: Asthmatic Kitty - Fol Chen
06. Odd Nosdam - "Fly Mode" (T.I.M.E)
- Start time: 20:51; Links: Anticon - Odd Nosdam
07. Sleeper - "Condition OR Effect" (Behind Every Mask)
- Start time: 23:39; Links: Mush - Sleeper
08. Filastine - "Bitrate Sneers" (Dirty Bomb)
- Start time: 28:33; Links: Soot - Filastine
09. Nanda - "Caveman" (Constant Change)
- Start time: 32:09; Links: Multi Music - Nanda
10. Qua - "The Magnificent Mister" (Q&A)
- Start time: 36:50; Links: Mush - Qua

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

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