♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 08 - “Michelle Obama Playlist No. 1”

I've been watching Ken Burns' Jazz documentary miniseries lately. Through all the talking head hyperbole, the earliest incarnations of the music -- "minstrel music" and ragtime -- expose steady rhythm and heavy syncopation as the broader genre's first massive innovation. A lot of people have trouble believing that jazz and swing were once America's form of popular music, but as the youth's first real exposure to driving rhythm, it's no wonder. Since then, harmony has become increasingly homogenized --losing its regional associations -- while rhythm has continued to be boiled down to basic elements. Popular music is still very much about the "beat." I put together this mix with that simple truth in mind.

01. The Cool Kids - "Pennies" (When Fish Ride Bicycles)
- Start time: 0:00; links: The Cool Kids -
Chocolate Ind.

02. Mr. Oizo - "Cut Dick" (Lambs Anger)
- Start Time: 3:00; links: [Mr. Oizo->www.myspace.com/oizo3000] - [Ed Banger->www.edbangerrecords.com]
03. CLP - "Superconfidential" (Supercontinental)
- Start Time: 5:48; links: CLP - Shitkatapult
04. DOOM feat. Ghostface Killah - "Chinatown Wars"
- Start time: 9:59; links: DOOM
05. DJ Signify feat. Aesop Rock - "Low Tide" (Of Cities)
- Start time: 13:28; links: DJ Signify - Bully Records
06. Cry Baby Genius - "Welcome to the Horror" (Patty Marcell's Big Shot Yard Sale)
- Start time: 17:43; links: Cry Baby Genius - [Squids Eye->www.squidseyerecords.com]
07. Myka 9 - "To the Sky" (1969)
- Start time: 20:57; links: Myka 9 - Fake Four
08. Kraddy - "Android Porn" (single)
- Start time: 23:37; links: Kraddy - Glitch Mob Unlimited
09. Busdriver feat. Flying Lotus - "Will He (inaugural tribute)"
- Start time: 30:30; links: Busdriver
10. Bizzart - "Android Hearts" (Future Stars and Small Wonders)
- Start time: 33:31; links: Bizzart - Joyful Noise

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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