♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 10 - “The Analog Dreams of Electric Sheep”

Some people don't like computer music. I know. I was once one of them. I was a classic rock guy who thought (and often said aloud) electronic music had no soul. Then something mystical, or probably chemical, happened. It was like I felt my own heart beating for the first time. All these wonderful build-ups, breakdowns, arpeggios, basslines, pads, bloops, and bleeps started swirling in my head like a tornado. Ever since, I've been addicted to pure electric sound and all of its various forms. If approached with an open mind, and preferably a touch of social lubrication, this mix should do the same for you. This journey gathers the finest producers from Canada, Venezuela, America, Germany, Australia, and the UK to guide you through vintage throwback, moody orchestral, nu-breaks, hip-hop, indie funk, progressive acid, and other wild variations of the electronic form. Jon Hopkins, fresh from co-producing Coldplay with Eno, delivers a sweeping mood piece as intricate in its bass tweaks as in its melodic piano progression. Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out finds hope in dark places with their two drummers, four bassists, and an army of synths. Both of those songs come from albums that will be making some year-end lists this year. Many selections here are rarer, but no less pivotal. Since the majority of these tracks were designed to be played at festivals and nightclubs with massive sound systems, this mix should be played at a high volume and in dim yet colorful lighting to get the maximum effect.

01. DJ Hell - "Germania" (Teufelswerk)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: International Deejay Gigolo - DJ Hell
02. Jon Hopkins - "Vessel" (Insides)
- Start time: 8:45; Links: Domino - Jon Hopkins
03. Seventh Swami - "Forever You Forever Me" (Here For Now)
- Start time: 13:00; Links: Muti Music - Seventh Swami
04. Spoonbill - "Wonkball" (Zoomorphic)
- Start time: 18:37; Links: Omelette - Spoonbill
05. Sole & The Skyrider Band - "Nothing Is Free (Subtitle Remix)" (Remix LP)
- Start time: 23:13; Links: Black Canyon - Sole & The Skyrider Band
06. EPROM - "64 Bytes (ill.gates Rmx feat. Meesha & Mat The Alien)" (64 Bytes Remixes)
- Start time: 25:58; Links: Addictech - EPROM
07. Yppah - "Gumball Machine Weekend" (Gumball Machine Weekend EP)
- Start time: 29:50; Links: Ninja Tune - Yppah
08. Jogger - "Nice Tights" (Friends of Friends Volume 1)
- Start time: 33:47; Links: FoF Music - Jogger
09. Shout Out Out Out Out - "Remind Me In Dark Times" (Reintegration Time)
- Start time: 38:34; Links: Normals Welcome - Shout Out Out Out Out
10. Kid606 - "Good Times" (Shout At The Döner)
- Start time: 47:20; Links: Tigerbeat6 - Kid606

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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