♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 14 - “Palin/Gingrich 2012”

How many of you feel disillusioned with the Obama administration thus far? I know, in hindsight it seems foolish to think idealism might have railroaded policy through Congress, even with the fuckin' deck stacked. Either America was built to run on slow, incremental progress, or the two parties are becoming absurdly centrist. It must be the former, 'cause I could have sworn Obama was a raging atheist; he seemed smart with big ideas, but even a guy like him remains a whore to our political process? I guess I've known for a while that a new President couldn't veer that far from their predecessor's path, but, oh god... Bush vs. Obama? It's in your face this time. This mix is full of songs that I thought had a vaguely 1970s feeling. They're all filled with life and, except for Bat For Lashes, some form of joy. It's too easy to make sad songs; I like songs that fill more vague emotional places -- if you're feeling bittersweet, then a happy song can be sad as hell, but rarely the other way around.

01. Yuksek - "I Could Never Be A Dancer" (Away From The Sea)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Yuksek
02. Shogun Kunitoki - "Riddarholmen" (Vinonaamakasio)
- Start time: 3:14; Links: [Fonal->www.fonal.com/] - [Shogun Kunitoki->www.shogunkunitoki.com/]
03. What's Up? - "Seasoning's Greeting" (Content Imagination)
- Start time: 6:32; Links: [Obey Your Brain->www.obeyyourbrain.com/] - [What's Up?->www.myspace.com/whatsupwhatsupwhatsup]
04. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Can't Hear My Eyes" (Can't Hear My Eyes 7")
- Start time: 11:43; Links: Mexican Summer - Ariel Pink
05. Bat For Lashes - "The Big Sleep" (Two Suns)
- Start time: 14:54; Links: [Bat For Lashes->www.batforlashes.com/]
06. Zu - "Erinys" (Carboniferous)
- Start time: 17:45; Links: Ipecac - [Zu->www.myspace.com/zuband]
07. Aavikko - "Specto Supernus" (Novo Atlantis)
- Start time: 21:28; Links: 9pm - [Aavikko->www.aavikko.net/]
08. Cheer-Accident - "And Then You Realize You Haven't Left Yet" (Fear Draws Misfortune)
- Start time: 26:03; Links: [Cuneiform->www.cuneiformrecords.com/] - [Cheer-Accident->www.cheer-accident.com/]
09. Blank Dogs - "No Compass" (Under And Under)
- Start time: 27:34; Links: [In The Red->www.intheredrecords.com/] - [Blank Dogs->www.myspace.com/blankdogtime]
10. Javelin - "Vibrationz" (Jamz n Jemz)
- Start time: 30:13; Links: [Javelin->www.myspace.com/hotjamzofjavelin]

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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