♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 17 - “Hatching Under the Belly of the Flowering Cerebellum”

I can't help but feel like an ass for plucking some of these songs from their original contexts. Several tracks -- like Mount Eerie's "(something)," John Wiese's "Mystical Finland," and especially Kreng's "Meisje In Auto" (which you should seek out ASAP) -- hinge heavily on the flow intended by the artist. My concern, though, would put into question a whole host of things -- not only mix tapes, but sampling and radio, musique-concrète and iPods. Besides, the idea of The Album as something sacred, something untouchable is silly. Am I not allowed to bend symbols at my will? Am I supposed to sit passively and consume music only under conditions laid out by the artists? Of course not. But I still feel like an ass sometimes.

01. Eric Copeland - "Al Anon" (Alien in a Garbage Dump)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Paw Tracks
02. Bird Names - "Taxicabs And Bicycles" (Sings the Browns)
- Start time: 3:57; Links: Upset the Rhythm - Bird Names
03. Julian Lynch - "Two Babes in the Woods" (Lefse Records Compilation)
- Start time: 6:49; Links: Lefse - Julian Lynch
04. Mount Eerie - "(something)" (Wind's Poem)
- Start time: 8:59; Links: P.W. Elverum & Sun
05. Kurt Vile - "Overnite Religion" (Childish Prodigy)
- Start time: 11:13; Links: Matador - Kurt Vile
06. Circulatory System - "I You We" (Signal Morning)
- Start time: 16:25; Links: Cloud - Circulatory System
07. John Wiese - "Mystical Finland (excerpt)" (Circle Snare)
- Start time: 17:54; Links: No Fun
08. Evangelista - "The Slayer (promo)" (Prince of Truth)
- Start time: 19:50; Links: Constellation - Evangelista
09. Ourself Beside Me - "Improvisation I" (Ourself Beside Me)
- Start time: 25:48; Links: Maybe Marsl - Ourself Beside Me
10. Kreng - "Meisje In Auto (naar Prelude No. 20 In C Minor Van F. Chopin)" (L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu)
- Start time: 26:52; Links: Miasmah - Kreng

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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