♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 19 - “Foot Village’s Intelligence Report: Summer 2009”

This is a guest mix made by [Foot Village. Their latest album is Anti-Magic, which was recently released on Upset the Rhythm.]

All of us in Foot Village love D&D. All of us. Especially Citizen Lee. Nerds we are. So, when it comes to music listening, we try to represent our nerdy taste in the most shallow way possible. So here is a mix dedicated to to the letters D&D. A Doom & Disco mix. From the 20,000-leagues-under-the-sea melodies of Clipd Beaks to the staccato static beats of Big Digits to bands that seemlessly blend the genres of dronemetal and dancefloor like Captain Ahab and Pictureplane. We also love chanting, so you get lots of it in here -- especially of the Lost Boys OST sort. So, open up an animated GIF of a Warcraft Orc doing the Soulja Boy Tell 'Em dance and enjoy. We're here in LA, sucking up the smoke while the hills burn like the chimneys of Apokolips. Hope you forgive us if this summer is more about zone-trooping and reading Ziggy comics for us than the beach-bashes you are used to.

01. XBXRX - "Curso e Famine" (Un Usper)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: XBXRX
02. Big Digits - "Making Progress" (TBA)
- Start time: 2:01; Links: Big Digits
03. Fartbarf - "Play the Game" (Self-titled)
- Start time: 4:08; Links: [Fartbarf->htt://fartbarf.com]
04. Clipd Beaks - "Dust" (To Realize)
- Start time: 6:43; Links: Clipd Beaks
05. Alaskas - "Unshackled" (Set Yourself Free)
- Start time: 10:20; Links: Highfives & Handshakes - Alaskas
06. TITS - "Cheap Echoes" (Second Base)
- Start time: 11:30; Links: Upset the Rhythm - TITS
07. Kinit Her - "Nagas Litany" (Glyms or Beame of Radicall Truthes)
- Start time: 15:20; Links: Living Tapes - Kinit Her
08. Thee Oh Sees - "Go Meet the Seed" (Help)
- Start time: 19:06; Links: In the Red - Thee Oh Sees
09. Pictureplane - "Tance Doll" (Dark Rift)
- Start time: 24:40; Links: Lovepump United - Pictureplante
10. Captain Ahab - "Feel Anymore" (The End of Irony)
- Start time: 28:19; Links: Deathbomb Arc - Captain Ahab

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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