Chocolate Grinder Mix 20
“Cornbread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that”

I may be an insufferably white dork from Canada, but I likes me a good broken beat. The odd vocalization of nostalgic pondering or social protest is icing on that bass-laden cake. This here mix tape is the nasty bidnezz, starting off with some more ambient, glitchy numbers before progressing to raucous old-school-flavored beats and booty-shaking breaks, with a righteous rant from future superstar B. Dolan that you will not soon forget. However, if you're looking for guns, bitches, and bling, you are probably talking to the wrong corn-fed honkey.

01. Deru - "Fadeaway" (Say Goodbye To Useless)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Mush - Deru
02. Loden - "My Face Came Off" (Buggy)
- Start time: 4:39; Links: Mush - Loden
03. The Slew - "It's All Over" (100%)
- Start time: 7:35; Links: Ninja Tune - The Slew
04. B. Dolan - "Open Letter To J. T." (House Of Bees Vol. 1)
- Start time: 11:01; Links: Strange Famous - B. Dolan
05. Peter, Bjorn and John - "Stay This Way (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)" (Re-Living Thing)
- Start time: 15:38; Links: Columbia - Peter, Bjorn and John
06. Dynas - "The Future feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff" (The Apartment)
- Start time: 19:18; Links: BBE - Dynas
07. An-Ten-Nae - "Warning feat. Buccaneer" (Acid Crunk EP 5)
- Start time: 23:10; Links: Muti Music - An-Ten-Nae
08. Timonkey - "Fembot Serenade" (Molecular Forest)
- Start time: 27:39; Links: Muti Music - Timonkey
09. Anti-Pop Consortium - "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)" (Volcano single)
- Start time: 31:39; Links: Big Dada - Anti-Pop Consortium
10. The Herbaliser Band - "Blackwater Drive" (Session 2)
- Start time: 36:19; Links: !K7 - The Herbaliser Band

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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