♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 21 - “How Many Roads Must a Man Is Dust in the Wind”

First of all, let me apologize for my last Chocolate Grinder blurb. I was seriously high as fuck when I wrote that. This time, let me talk about the music at hand. We have a collection of "Eureka!"-style artists that I tried to make exist in the same universe (Earth 616). Assuming anyone listens to these mixes, you'll hopefully find that this one is constructed like an actual album!!! The GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Each track exemplifies the deemphasis of structure in modern music, with focus on dream-like repetition that maintains interest through dynamic and timbral shifts. Basically, these songs are bolstered by musical devices other than big chord changes, whether they be subterranean recording qualities, bouts of silence, or overwhelming swaths of distortion. Each section of the mix also loosely represents bubbling trends in 2009-music -- trends that I'm not going to explain right now (because I'm full of shit). You can just hear for yourself!

01. HEALTH - "Before Tigers" (Get Color)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: [Lovepump United->www.lpurecords.com/] - [HEALTH->www.myspace.com/healthmusic]
02. Forest Creatures - "Edit 6" (Frustrated Analogue)
- Start time: 3:23; Links: [Blackest Rainbow->www.blackest-rainbow.moonfruit.com/] - [Forest Creatures-> www.myspace.com/forestcreaturesofdoom]
03. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Hyperdawn" (Zones Without People)
- Start time: 7:14; Links: Arbor - [Oneohtrix Point Never->www.myspace.com/pointnever]
04. Flower Man - "Mirrors in Orbit" (Exotic Cameo)
- Start time: 11:46; Links: Upstairs - [Flower Man->www.myspace.com/flowermanmusic]
05. Ducktails - "Parasailing" (Split 7")
- Start time: 14:44; Links: [Underwater Peoples Records->www.underwaterpeoples.com/] - [Ducktails->www.myspace.com/ducktailss]
06. Elegi - "Arvesølv" (Varde)
- Start time: 20:45; Links: Miasmah - [Elegi->www.myspace.com/elegi]
07. nmperign - "Prey" (Ommatidia)
- Start time: 23:19; Links: Intransitive
08. Æthenor - "IV" (Faking Gold and Murder)
- Start time: 29:21; Links: [VHF->www.vhfrecords.com/] - [Æthenor->www.myspace.com/aethenor]
09. Zs - "MMW I (Part I)" (Music of the Modern White)
- Start time: 34:16; Links: [The Social Registry->www.thesocialregistry.com/] - [Zs->www.myspace.com/zstheband]
10. Hjarnidaudi - "Part I" (Psyko:Stare:Void)
- Start time: 39:33; Links: [Music Fear Satan->www.musicfearsatan.com/] - [Hjarnidaudi->www.myspace.com/hjarnidaudi]

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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