♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 23 - “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”

In an article on NPR, Robin Hilton, producer of the station's All Songs Considered, claimed that Animal Collective was "inventing an all-new kind of music" that "asks us to reconsider how we define everything that music is" (italics mine). Holy crap... everything that music is? The fact that Hilton's AC blurb begins with "It's just a bunch of senseless noise to some people" further highlights the continuing rift between music cultures in America (and the lengths some writers will go to be shocking). It also reminds me that, when you're so steeped in "radical" music, you often forget the mechanics that made it different or difficult in the first place. So, I hope you're all ready for an hour of pure cosmic space flight shit that redraws the boundaries of what music can mean in our lives!! In the words of TMT's editor-in-chief, "it changed me." But what is the IT????????

01. D.A. - "Machupicchu: The Intihuatana" (Pyramids of Mars ph.III)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: D.A.
02. Steve Hauschildt - "Runway" (Critique of The Beautiful)
- Start time: 8:23; Links: [Steve Hauschildt->www.myspace.com/stevehauschildt]
03. Caboladies - "Crowded" (Crowded Out Memory)
- Start time: 17:53; Links: [Caboladies->www.myspace.com/caboladies]
04. Von Bingen - "Eyeglasses of Kentucky" (Von Bingen)
- Start time: 23:35; Links: Von Bingen
05. Black To Comm - "Musik Für Alle" (Alphabet 1968)
- Start time: 28:53; Links: [Type->typerecords.com/] - [Black To Comm->www.blacktocomm.org/]
06. Blues Control - "Tangier" (Local Flavor)
- Start time: 32:39; Links: [Stiltbreeze->www.siltbreeze.com] - [Blues Control->www.myspace.com/bluescontrol]
07. Infinity Window- "Internal Compass" (Artificial Midnight)
- Start time: 40:39; Links: [Arbor->www.arborinfinity.com/] - [Infinity Window->www.myspace.com/infinitywindow]
08. Noveller - "Brilliant Colors" (Red Rainbow)
- Start time: 47:56; Links: [No Fun->www.nofunproductions.com/] - [Noveller->www.myspace.com/noveller]
09. Solars - "Shadow" (Shadow/Cave)
- Start time: 53:40; Links: Solars
10. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Physical Memory" (Russian Mind)
- Start time: 60:48; Links: No Fun->www.nofunproductions.com/] - [Oneohtrix Point Never

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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