♫♪  Ian William Craig - “Live at Casa Deebs”

Craig — possibly in the middle of a "Love Me Tender" cover.

I know, I know: We already done-told you about how, on May 5, licensed and board-certified Canadian “Sound-Whisperer” Ian William Craig will be releasing his newest work Slow Vessels, an “album-length EP” which “both extends and radically reprises” six of the tracks featured on last July’s TMT-approved Centres LP.

But what can we say? WE JUST CAN’T HELP OURSELVES: we’re positively additcted to tipping you off about cool new IWC shit.

Especially when that cool new IWC shit takes the form of an EXCLUSIVE-TO-TMT footage of Craig conjuring his now-trademark sonic wizardry from Slow Vessels LIVE and in person. Prepare to “ooh” and “aah” as “decaying vocals are sonically manipulated to create a stunning beauty and ambience.” Or…actually? Maybe it’s best if you don’t “ooh” and “ahh” at all, because then you won’t be able to hear the magic.

Then, when you’re done gorging yourself on the clip, you can listen to the EP over here and pick it up over here. Boom. Consider yourself TIPPED-THE-F-OFF. Again. (Ohh yeaaah…feels soooooooooooooo good!)

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