♫♪  100 gecs - “money machine (A. G. Cook Remix)”

Let’s put this in terms TMT readers can appreciate.

STYLES: “Old Town Road”
OTHERS: Fire-Toolz, 99jakes, Default Genders

Does your boy have his own ringtone? When he calls, will you answer?

Famously one of the great records you may have missed from Pitchfork’s “Great Records You May Have Missed: Summer 2019,” 100 gecs are so clean like a money machine, they’re for the kids, they’re catchy, they’re “doing it.”

But if how you feel about 100 gecs is similar to how I felt about Charli XCX at the beginning of 2015 — a casual fan waiting for an A. G. Cook remix to really get you listening closely, loving it, ONBOARD — then you’re in luck! Trademark A. G.! sounds abound, hardly smoothing out the roughly-mixed metaphor edges of 100 gecs horsepower, allowing us to unlock some of the potential lurking in the stems. If that’s got you revved up, then the upcoming remix ALBUM will have you racing.

Me, I’ve been growing my hair out for three years in anticipation of this dynamite duo, and the “money machine” remix has me screaming like the all-star cast of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lili Taylor, Owen Wilson & Liam Neeson in the godawesome 1999 remake The Haunting: A LOT. WHO AM I? WHAT DOES HE WANT WITH ME? (That’s right, the Sith weren’t the only “phantom menace” from the turn of the millennium!)

Alright, kids, I won’t be seeing you in the mosh. Bah humphries.

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