♫♪  1991 - High-Tech-Cold-Life [excerpt]

I don’t really know anything about 1991. I was 4, so I can’t remember anything. As a band, 1991 is equally difficult to find any information on. Here’s what I know: (1) they (he/she?) take that warbly VHS tape sound more in the direction of ambiance, rather than covering it with heavy drum beats; (2) they (he/she?) released their (his/her?) album, High-Tech-Cold-Life, on UK label Opal Tapes; and (3) the track posted below is only an excerpt from that album, meaning the rest of the tape is probably just as dreamy and wonderful.

Feel free to test your search-engine skills and see what else you can dig up on this mysterious band, but it will probably just lead you right back here, so you might as well just listen to the excerpt below and use the links I’ve already provided you.

I wish you would just trust me.

• Opal Tapes: http://opaltapes.tumblr.com

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