♫♪  33.10.3402 - “NE - Decline A”

Typically it starts out like counting sheep, but the restless mind never really stops crackling at its core. Then there’s the electric pulse around nodes that flicker movements like an algorithmic code programmed in us all. A hack so deeply rooted, we can only finally express this pulse as movements in dance. Although, when one’s dance is completely controlled by the infamous L.I.E.S. Records label, it’s as though time as space intermingle the inner-workings of the listener, trapped within a barrier the size of a dance floor, clubbed back into the holodeck from which each slab is cut.

Following up from the release
Mecanica no​.​1
, 33.10.3402 comes back again, to wrap up this summer with an interlude so transitionary, it remains steep in “NE - Decline A.” “NE - Decline A” is like falling completely down the subway staircase, making it look like your face, skull, edges, and limbs smacked every bit of on each individual step, but you only come up with a yellow-ish purple bruise that engulfs (maybe) the only part of your body that wasn’t — as you thought — crushed against a metal corner attached to cement. That’s the luck of 33.10.3402. Shield your flow:

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