♫♪  Nate Young - “Dread”

Both solo and as a founding member of Wolf Eyes, Nate Young makes music that you would probably not want to play for the mother, grandmother, or small child in your life. These people would probably say something like “Make it stop” or “No” when the first foul notes of Young’s classic Regression breach their earholes. “Please, don’t.”

Your loved ones stare at you with dead fish eyes as you turn the volume up. They leave the room, but even across the house, they cannot escape Young’s corrupted synth bursts. The bass drum unsettles them. There is a lingering peal of feedback that makes them purse their lips.

In your mind, you imagine the subterranean synth murk of The Residents circa Mark of the Mole stripped to the barest essentials of what might constitute something like a song. In their mind, they imagine an expanse of blood and cracked crow eggs.

Regression arrives in its first vinyl edition courtesy of Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL Recordings. Buy it and watch the picture disc printed with Nate Young’s album art swirl around your turntable as your loved ones leave the home for some “fresh air.” You are finally alone.

• Nate Young: http://www.wolfeyes.net
• iDEAL Recordings: http://idealrecordings.tumblr.com

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